Business Innovation Lab

Business Innovation Lab


Business Innovation Lab (BIL) is a research and consulting facility at IBA-SBS to serve the industry. Its mission is to help increase the value-added of businesses and improve social and environmental impact of industry by providing useful knowledge, information, and technical resources. It operates as the hub of a network of faculty, students, alumni, and other stakeholders who are passionate about solving real-life issues of industry bearing significant economic, social, and environmental impact.


BIL welcomes contemporary business and management issues that require application of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and technical expertise for proper diagnosis and treatment. Every issue received at BIL is carefully evaluated and a process is tailored for its expedient treatment in consultation with relevant stakeholders. BIL offers various services ranging from briefs of issue discussions in the MBA and EMBA classes to the management consulting projects.


BIL looks forward to hearing about the opportunities to help businesses utilize scientific knowledge and create value for the good of society. If your business is facing an issue or question that may have significant economic, social, or environmental impact, and you need scientific knowledge and technical expertise to deal with it, please feel free to contact BIL at

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