Thought Leadership Areas

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

IBA-SBS has always been at the forefront in the entrepreneurship eco system in Pakistan in terms of providing support to budding entrepreneurs by providing them with trainings, training manuals, incubation facilities, mentorship and other support system. The entrepreneurial training network by SBS-faculty is spread across Pakistan.

Entrepreneurship programs at IBA have been recognised internationally with awards such as USASB and Academy of Management Awards. Further, Centre of Innovation and Ed-Transformation was founded by SBS in 2021 in order to streamline the process of innovation not only in terms of venture creation but also in terms of learner's experience and teaching pedagogy.

Behavioural Studies

SBS is only business school in Pakistan that employs multimodality biometric research that includes eye tracking, facial action coding (Facial response), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Encephalograph (EEG). Recently IBA-SBS has invested PKR 15 million (around USD 87,796) to establish a Laboratory by the name of Rashid Abdullah Consumer Neuroscience Lab. IBA-SBS has collaborated with SEARLE Pakistan (A reputed national pharmaceutical company) to invest PKR 25 million (around USD 146,328) in next three years on equipment enhancement and behavioural research studies. Moreover, IBA-SBS is part of the iMotions Global Research Community that is one of the largest human behaviour research-community in the world.

Investment Decision Making

As a leading business school with a strong accounting and finance program, IBA-SBS seeks to add to the market depth and efficiency through its research and collaborative work. IBA-SBS aims to generate and disseminate knowledge in the area of empirical asset pricing. To foster the academic and industry liaison in the area, IBA-SBS has formed an investment cluster comprising of scholarly academic and instructional practitioner faculty. Further, the Finance Lab was inaugurated in 2022 to contribute towards achievement of this objective.

Islamic Business and Finance

SBS, through its faculty and collaborative work through CEIF (Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance) has a strong footprint in the area of Islamic Business and Finance. CEIF has been established at IBA with the objective of providing a platform for discovery, enhancement, and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Islamic Finance. Building legacy, hundreds of trainings have been provided to professionals and ongoing dissemination of knowledge is being done through webinars, conferences, symposiums etc.

The contribution in this arena is also strengthened through scholarly research.

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