Graduate Programs



The MBA@IBA is not just a degree; it is a mission and a calling to make business a force for good and turn it into a catalyst for prosperity of people and sustainability of the planet. Getting a seat in MBA@IBA means that you become part of an ever-growing community of professionals who are committed to driving innovation, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, and increasing the productivity of local and global economy.

MBA Executive

The basic criteria for applying in MBA Executive is 16 years qualification in first class or with minimum 2.5 CGPA (whichever applicable in your university) and minimum 3 years of post-qualification experience. The preferred requirement is 5 years of experience gained after 16 years of education. Application of those candidates who do not meet the minimum criteria will not be processed.


MS Finance

MS Finance at IBA is a postgraduate program designed to provide a solid theoretical as well as working knowledge of finance in a global context. This program is designed to prepare the graduates for the challenges in the global and local financial systems by imparting comprehensive knowledge of finance and its multidisciplinary aspects.

MS Islamic Banking and Finance

The Islamic Finance industry has seen a rapid local and international growth in the past decade, with over 2800 Islamic banking branches employing graduates and executives all over Pakistan. The market size of Islamic banking assets is currently 13.5% of the total banking assets of Pakistan, and is expected to reach 20% by 2020.


MS Marketing

The IBA marketing department was laid down when the institute came into existence. The department drives students on a journey...

MS Management

The MS Program in Management is designed to prepare students for quality research and analysis in the field of Management. A sound theoretical basis is provided in the general area of Management and in one of the following specialization areas; Strategy & Organization, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship...


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