CILET at SBS IBA orchestrated a workshop titled "Teaching Creativity Soft Skills to Boost Student Innovation."

Teaching Creativity Soft Skills to Boost Student Innovation

December 8th, 2023: The Center for Innovation in Learning, Education, and Teaching (CILET) at SBS orchestrated an enlightening workshop for the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) faculty. The focus of the session, titled "Teaching Creativity Soft Skills to Boost Student Innovation," was to explore ways to nurture creativity among students.

Two distinguished personalities led the workshop in their respective fields. Professor Dr. Steven Burian, the Director of Science at the Alabama Water Institute, was the lead trainer. Alongside him was Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz, an Assistant Professor of Management and the Director of CILET.

Dr. Kamran set the stage for the workshop by outlining the agenda and activities flow. The interactive session commenced with an open discussion where participants shared their perspectives on what constitutes soft skills. Dr. Kamran skillfully compared, elaborated, and prioritized these soft skills, setting a foundation for the subsequent discussions.

Dr. Burian, a seasoned professional in his field, delved into the essence of creativity. He emphasized that creativity is not only a natural inclination but can also be nurtured through training. Dr. Burian's insightful presentation highlighted that creativity revolves around connecting disparate elements. Moreover, he shed light on the circumstances and timings when creative ideas tend to flourish, dispelling prevalent myths surrounding creativity.

The workshop gained momentum as Dr. Kamran introduced engaging tasks and activities. Attendees actively participated in scenarios, case studies, and out-of-the-box thinking exercises. These activities were designed to reinforce theoretical concepts and provide a practical understanding of implementing creativity in educational settings.

The collaborative efforts of Dr. Steven Burian and Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz created an intellectually stimulating environment that encouraged the exchange of ideas and perspectives. The workshop left the faculty with valuable insights and practical strategies to incorporate creative soft skills into their teaching methodologies, ultimately fostering innovation among students.

CILET's commitment to advancing education through innovative approaches was vividly demonstrated in this workshop, making it a memorable and impactful event for all participants. As SBS IBA prioritizes holistic education, endeavors like these contribute significantly to the institution's mission of shaping well-rounded and innovative leaders for the future.

Teaching Creativity Soft Skills to Boost Student Innovation Teaching Creativity Soft Skills to Boost Student Innovation

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